Issue with webpart connection

Dec 7, 2012 at 1:00 PM

Hi mazin,

i would like to use your webpart in my site but i had no luck with displaying markers on the map.

first of all i figured out, that there must be an issue with the german regional settings.

when i first put in the coordinates latitude 47.8477563802153 and logitude 9.43300179205835 in the fields for center of the map (with german regional settings) i ended up nowhere.

but with the coordinates latitude 47,8477563802153 and logitude 9,43300179205835 it showed the correct location for the center of map.

then i created a list from an excel file with the fileds Name, City, Latitude and Longitude.

then i connected the list with a webpart connection to your webpart. but cant see any marker on the map, no matter if i use 47.8477... or 47,8477... as value in the geocoordinates, nor when i use a new website with english regional settings.

i have your webpart configured with:

Data Mode = Webpart Connection
Title Column Name = Name
Description Column Name = City
Latitude Column Name = Latitude
Longitue Column Name = Longitude

I left Web URL, List URL, CAMLQuery and Item ID URL Parameter Name  empty.

Can you please shed some Light if i missed something ?


Dec 11, 2012 at 8:29 PM

Hi Oarkwood,

thank you for your post. I checked my webpart and realized that Sandbox solutions does not support webpart connections. I also improved coordinates parsing routine. I will publish two versions of webpart in the near future. One sandbox version and one standard version.