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This webpart is quite simple to be installed and used. Just install WSP package from download section, activate appropriate feature and add the webpart on a page.

Webpart has following properties (I excluded system properties like Title ...). They can be divided into two groups. One group affects directly settings of Google Map:
  • HTTPS - use HTTPS protocol for communication with Google map API
  • Display pan control - display pan control on Google map
  • Display zoom control - display zoom control on Google map
  • Display map type control - display map control on Google map
  • Display StreetView control - display StreetView control on Google map
  • Map type
    • Major streets on satellite images
    • Normal street map
    • Satellite images
    • Maps with physical features such as terrain and vegetation
  • Centre latitude - if not set webpart calculates it from points that should be displayed
  • Centre longitude - if not set webpart calculates it from points that should be displayed
  • Map width
  • Map height
  • Initial Zoom level
  • Icon URL - URL of icon used for map points e.g. /_layouts/Images/marker.png

The second group of properties defines the source of data that should be displayed on the map:
  • Data mode - defines the mode of getting points data to be displayed
    • Connected list webpart
    • List & Query
    • List & URL ID parameter
  • Web URL - site relative URL of web containing list with points
  • List URL - web relative URL of list containing points. You can use "Browse..." button to choose web & list url by visual dialog.
  • List query - CAML query to filter list items. Accessible only in "List & Query" mode.
  • List Item ID param name - accessible only in "List & URL ID parameter" mode. Defines name of the URL parameter that contains ID of item that should be displayed.
  • Latitude column - internal name of list column containing map points latitude
  • Longitude column - internal name of list column containing map points longitude
  • Title column - content of this column (internal name) is used as label of displayed points
  • Address column - if Latitude and Longitude columns are not available you can use this column (internal name). Google API is used to transform address to latitude and longitude.
  • Description column - column (internal name) containing additional description of map points

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metkhoo Feb 22, 2016 at 6:07 PM 
Super work!
Would be perfect if it could also a) show the google Traffic overlay :D and b) respond to user profile settings so that the map changes depending on who you are.