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Ribbon, Map contols, Paging, Filtering



I downloaded the source from 15/SPGoogleMapWebPart path. Was this correct? As there is a duplicate directory in the root.

I have upgraded the project to VS 2013, built and deployed the solution without an issue.

I am now seeing the following issues when placing the webpart on a List View page and connecting the web part.
  • Numerous items have gone missing from the ribbon control for Items and List tabs.
  • All Map controls are disabled.
  • Paging and filtering of the list view does not modify the results on map.
  • Description column does not display in marker info window.
Not sure if this is related to the current source only.


mazin wrote Aug 17, 2014 at 11:01 PM

Folder 15 contains VS 2012 SP 2013 solution. Root contains solution for SharePoint 2010.